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UMR TETIS (CIRAD-Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement)
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Sep 8, 2017
Zenasni, Sarah; Kergosien, Eric; Roche, Mathieu; Teisseire, Maguelonne, 2017, "A corpus of 1000 authentic SMS in French with spatial labels", doi:10.18167/DVN1/0ZGJRC, CIRAD Dataverse, V2
Extract of 1000 authentic French SMS from a corpus of more than 88000 SMS ( Spatial entities are tagged (with label). First, an automatic labelling approach based on text-mining techniques is applied in order to obtain the first corpus ("corpus1_auto...
Dec 22, 2017
Roche, Mathieu; Bonin, Muriel, 2017, "CRESI BigDataPol - Terrain Guadeloupe : Comparaison des termes extraits", doi:10.18167/DVN1/YMCUEY, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
CONTEXTE : projet CRESI BigDataPol ( But : Mobiliser des approches de Big data pour l'analyse des processus et des effets des politiques publiques dans le milieu rural. Question de recherche en SHS adaptée au terrain Guadeloupe : (1) Par...
Nov 6, 2017
Zenasni, Sarah; Kergosien, Eric; Roche, Mathieu; Teisseire, Maguelonne, 2017, "Dic-ES : Liste d'entités spatiales en français", doi:10.18167/DVN1/LPY080, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
Le dictionnaire "dic-ES" est un ensemble de noms de lieux à partir des listes fournies par (1) la métropole de Montpellier (rues, quartiers, etc.) ; (2) la métropole européenne de Lille ; (3) les noms de pays et les capitales de chaque pays. Le dictionnaire contient également une...
Mar 6, 2018
Fize, Jacques; Gaurav, Shrivastava, 2017, "Geodict: an integrated gazetteer", doi:10.18167/DVN1/MWQQOQ, CIRAD Dataverse, V3
[EN] Geodict is a gazetteer where 12 millions spatial entities are referenced. Each entry is associated with basic yet detailed information such as multi-lingual labels, polygon of boundaries, coordinates, class, etc. Geodict data are extracted from famous dataset: Geonames, Wiki...
Jun 19, 2017
Fize, Jacques; Roche, Mathieu, 2017, "MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) : testimonies", doi:10.18167/DVN1/MJEYXZ, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
A set of testimonies extracted from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) website.
Dec 18, 2017
Rabatel, Julien; Arsevska, Elena; de Goër de Hervé, Jocelyn; Falala, Sylvain; Lancelot, Renaud; Roche, Mathieu, 2017, "PADI-web corpus: news manually labeled", doi:10.18167/DVN1/KMTIFG, CIRAD Dataverse, V2
This dataset contains a set of news articles in English related to animal disease outbreaks, that have been used to evaluate and train the information extraction module of the PADI-web system ( It is composed of 532 articles (in JSON), with infor...
May 29, 2018
Arsevska, Elena; Valentin, Sarah; Rabatel, Julien; de Goër de Hervé, Jocelyn; Falala, Sylvain; Lancelot, Renaud; Roche, Mathieu, 2017, "PADI-web dataset manually evaluated (1st January - 28th June 2016)", doi:10.18167/DVN1/JZM34U, CIRAD Dataverse, V2
Data are downloaded from PADI-web for the period from 1st January to 28th June 2016 for the four studied diseases, i.e. African swine fever (ASF), foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), bluetongue (BTV), and avian influenza (AI). This dataset indicates information associated with "extract...
Jun 19, 2017
Roche, Mathieu, 2017, "Termes complexes issus d'un corpus MSF (Médecins sans Frontières)", doi:10.18167/DVN1/4WI2GU, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
Termes complexes extraits à partir d'un corpus en anglais MSF (Médecin sans Frontière). Termes extraits avec le logiciel BioTex (
Sep 19, 2017
Roche, Mathieu; Teisseire, Maguelonne; Shrivastava, Gaurav, 2017, "Valorcarn-TETIS: Candidates for OTR (Ontological and Terminological Resource)", doi:10.18167/DVN1/KNFAGG, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
Text Mining: The different terms extracted by text-mining approaches are candidates for an OTR (Ontological and Terminological Resource) associated to Valorcarn Project. -- Valorcarn Project (2015-2017) [project supported by GloFoodS program (INRA-Cirad)]. Topic: Mining of scient...
Sep 5, 2017
Roche, Mathieu; Teisseire, Maguelonne; Shrivastava, Gaurav, 2017, "Valorcarn-TETIS: Corpus", doi:10.18167/DVN1/7YTQGQ, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
Valorcarn Project (2015-2017) [project supported by GloFoodS program (INRA-Cirad)]. Mining of scientific documents for identification of process that enables to reduce losses and waste.
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