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Capitalisation and standardization of weed survey data in tropical cropping systems
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Plain Text - 811 bytes - MD5: f70471cbc86854bbdbf1677ff025eef8
Plain Text - 172.2 KB - MD5: 55dbca28b3a4d22cc4acbd044e2da36e
Tabular Data - 957 bytes - 7 Variables, 26 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:KLdcGtiqLY2pgSGUj6dZcA==
Plain Text - 189.4 KB - MD5: af6ac047512cc79e9e803b8e30b64232
Plain Text - 172.2 KB - MD5: 124fd551ac6a1ac2039f06812dd746a1
Plain Text - 793 bytes - MD5: b440bac0f20c0ed760433c38f583ed3c
Plain Text - 34.5 KB - MD5: e127750a84b816e0d6dc3e350d716261
floristic records in abundance values
MS Excel (XLSX) - 164.0 KB - MD5: c953e2d4a787a23997f7a3e069b1f15c
original full dataset
Plain Text - 2.7 KB - MD5: 0f9c31f5318f90527e0c9aba5a11a6e0
environmental factors records
Plain Text - 34.5 KB - MD5: 4ed33ee7297436c2e2676024ae0e08d7
floristic records in presence/ absence values
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