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Les activités du CIRAD relèvent des sciences du vivant, des sciences sociales et des sciences de l’ingénieur appliquées à l’agriculture, à l’alimentation, à l’environnement et à la gestion des territoires. CIRAD's activities concern the life sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences, applied to agriculture, the environment and territorial management.
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Adobe PDF - 2.3 MB - MD5: 0dfece087f401fe060e96c3efa8cff2b
Adobe PDF - 3.0 MB - MD5: 001fe89631779e6ee3b5998cde09f8ae
Plain Text - 31.1 KB - MD5: c1419e5f40ba9e296eb3be6b29000f4b
Unknown - 4.3 KB - MD5: 36ab79fcc10d637e58ae3d86d6272f49
Unknown - 2.4 MB - MD5: c38df9951cd243834b9a1f81052f961f
Tabular Data - 13.7 KB - 20 Variables, 167 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:3Pqi6uFqifu13dRbwEAkXA==
Microsatellites sequences of each seedlings obtained in 2018 from 14 mother trees of Foetidia mauritiana in Reunion island
text/nlogo - 55.0 KB - MD5: 487745cef34bea8cb5ef57d8c530c4ed
Suitable for Nlogo 6.0.4. With an upgrade of the info tab display
Aug 20, 2018 - PADI-web: ASF corpora
Unknown - 300.1 KB - MD5: de2b1db9e78de01424f5f51f604e2217
Corpus for Weka (arff file)
Aug 20, 2018 - PADI-web: ASF corpora
Plain Text - 159.9 KB - MD5: 259960a1fae073420fff6cc38ac7973c
Corpus for BioTex with socio-economic information (txt file)
Aug 20, 2018 - PADI-web: ASF corpora
Plain Text - 142.10 KB - MD5: 710c0e634972e3af35f46e5425af2c17
Corpus for BioTex with epidemiologic information (txt file)
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