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Nov 25, 2021 - Forêts et Sociétés
Ligot, Gauthier; Gourlet-Fleury, Sylvie; Dainou, Kasso; Gillet, Jean-François; Forni, Eric; Rossi, Vivien; Doucet, Jean-Louis, 2021, "Data and code for the publication entitled: tree growth and mortality of 42 timber species in Central Africa",, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
Introduction This archive contains all the necessary data and R script to reproduce the results of the manuscript entitled "tree growth and mortality of 42 timber species in Central Africa" submitted to Forest Ecology and Management journal. It includes cleansed data (text files...
Nov 12, 2021 - UMR Eco&Sols
Robin, Agnès; Brancalion, Pedro, 2021, "Data from: Multifunctional soil recovery in the restoration of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest after bauxite mining",, CIRAD Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:0U4y2n9ETtBHstPh1d6rVA== [fileUNF]
This data displays soil physical and chemical properties and microbial parameters including NGS data describing the diversity of bacterial communities. The study was conducted in 2013 in the private reserve of Retiro Branco and Córrego do Meio farm, in the municipality of Poços d...
UMR Eco&Sols(CIRAD-Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement)
UMR Eco&Sols logo
Nov 12, 2021
Eco&Sols est une unité mixte de recherche de 70 permanents associant l’INRA, l’IRD, Montpellier SupAgro et le Cirad. Les travaux conduits à Eco&Sols ont pour objectif d’améliorer la compréhension du rôle des organismes du sol et des plantes, ainsi que des interactions entre eux e...
Nov 9, 2021 - UMR TETIS
Degenne, Pascal, 2021, "Risque de ruissellement selon des pentes à 7% sur l'île de La Réunion",, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
Estimation d'un risque de ruissellement vers les cours d'eau du Domaine Public Fluvial de l'île de La Réunion selon des pentes supérieures ou égales à 7%. Le calcul de risque de ruissellement est effectué de manière itérative, en partant des cours d'eau et en progressant le long...
Nov 4, 2021 - AIDA
Ndao, Babacar; Leroux, Louise; Diouf, Abdoul Aziz, 2021, "Tree species inventory in the Cordyla pinnata parkland of Senegal",, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
The tree inventory was conducted in the Cordyla pinnata parkland in Senegal, in the region of Nioro du Rip. A field campaign for tree species data collection was carried out in February 2019. It is a weighted stratified sampling of 213 observation sites distributed according to a...
Oct 29, 2021 - Guyafor
Jaouen, Gaëlle; Derroire, Géraldine; Dourdain, Aurélie, 2021, "Guyafor Data Dictionary",, CIRAD Dataverse, V2
This dictionary contains all the information needed to understand and use the forest censuses data from the Guyafor network.
Oct 25, 2021 - UPR HORTSYS
Biard, Yannick; Parrot, Laurent; Klaver, Dieuwke; Kabré, Edit; Vannière, Henri, 2021, "Food supply chains sustainability assessment of the mango sector in Burkina Faso",, CIRAD Dataverse, V2, UNF:6:XLBaBP4ODftZuP/8pl7J5g== [fileUNF]
This dataset is joint with the scientific publication named "A Multiple food supply chains sustainability assessment of the mango sector in Burkina Faso" which details the challenges of the mango sub-sectors in Burkina Faso, the contribution of the Value Chain to economic growth...
Oct 14, 2021 - UPR GREEN
Nasuti, Stéphanie; Coudel, Emilie; Fechine, Valéria; Piva, Mariana; Abreu, Beatriz; Folhes, Ricardo, 2021, "Family farming in Santarém region, Brazilian Amazon: survey with rural community representatives (Odyssea project, 2019)",, CIRAD Dataverse, V1
This data was collected during the project Odyssea - Observatory of the Dinamics of Societies and Environments in the Amazon. Through a partnership with Family Farmer Unions (STTR), community researchers realized surveys with kobotoolbox application in 32 rural communities in the...
Oct 7, 2021 - Amatrop: Tropical Weed studies
Le Bourgeois, Thomas; Marnotte, Pascal; Auzoux, Sandrine; Fayolle, Benjamin, 2020, "A Reference Weed Flora of the 30 tropical weed studies datasets",, CIRAD Dataverse, V5
Reference list of weed species used in the 30 datasets of the Tropical Weed Studies Dataverse. This list currently contains 1788 taxa. All species are listed with their EPPO code (used in the floristic data files of the datasets), Scientific name, Family name, and the most used s...
Oct 7, 2021 - Xylothèque
Beauchêne, Jacques; Thibaut, Bernard; Amusant, Nadine; Cigna,Jeremy, 2021, "Database of wood properties from specimens of the French Guiana wood collection",, CIRAD Dataverse, V2, UNF:6:8JCn3T9n1TCMtIvIvAx2Lg== [fileUNF]
The wood collection (Xylotheque or Xylarium) of Kourou (French Guiana) was created in 1976 by Jean Thiel and has since been augmented by many contributors. It is a child collection of the Xylotheque of Montpellier. A Xylarium, like the one in Kourou, is a unique collection of woo...
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